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CV submission form

BCTF Committee for Action on Social Justice Application Form

*Required field.

*Action Group to which you are applying (refer to Posting):

*Email address for confirmation (a non-SD email):

Please see the Posting for the Application Closing Date. Applications and information provided are confidential.

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The work of committee members on the Committee for Action on Social Justice (CASJ) is guided by the Social Justice Lens and the principles of equity and anti-oppression. As such, the work is guided first and foremost by those who identify as part of the particular community.

An applicant may wish to provide, on a voluntary basis, information as to whether they self-identify as a member of an equity-seeking group.

Please indicate if you are an Early Career Teacher (less than 5 years):
NOTE: If you are currently on sick leave and/or in receipt of Health and Wellness or SIP benefits, and expect to be so during any portion of the term of this position, your application will not be considered at this time. However, you are encouraged to apply to any Federation position at a future date.
A social justice specific knowledge-base and appropriate lived experience are considerations in the selection of committee members to the seven CASJ action groups, as leaders in this work within the BCTF (Antiracism, Disability Justice, Economic Justice, Environmental Justice, LGBTQ2S+, Peace and Global Education, Status of Women).

Please carefully review the following details of the dates and time commitments which apply to all CASJ members, and thoroughly consider your capacity to meet these obligations before applying for this role.

September (BCTF, Vancouver)
Fall Committee Meeting (3 days + 1 New to the Role Day)

October (Various Locals across British Columbia) Zone Meetings (2 days)

Social Justice Newsletter Submission Deadline

January (BCTF, Vancouver)
Winter Committee Meeting (3 days)

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

April (Various Locals across British Columbia)
Zone Meetings (2 days)
Social Justice Newsletter Submission Deadline
May (BCTF, Vancouver)
Spring Committee Meeting (3 days)

August (TBD)
FIT - Facilitator's Institute Training (3 days)
Summer Conference (4 days)

To be scheduled:
Each Action Group has 2 released days/school year in addition to days below, scheduled at the discretion of the Action Group, usually before the Winter and Spring Committee Meetings.
Provincial Social Justice Conference (2 days, Vancouver/TBD)
Sub-Committee meetings (Online - SJ Grants, etc.)
BCFED Sub-Committee Meetings, as liaison (TBD)
Committee Chair meetings/training (TBD)

Please confirm you have carefully read and can commit to the commitments above:

LIVED EXPERIENCE (as it relates to the Action Group you are applying to on the Committee for Action on Social Justice)

Please provide examples of your LEADERSHIP in your social justice work (as related to the Action Group you are applying for on CASJ), including your previous/current knowledge-base, skills, advocacy work, experiences, etc.)

What WORK and/or ACTION has the BCTF done, that you would like to continue, and what do you think you can bring to it? (as it relates to the Action Group you are applying to on the Committee for Action on Social Justice)

Define your GOALS and the issue(s) you endeavor to address if you are selected as a member of the BCTF Committee for Action on Social Justice and describe your approach on how to address the issue(s). Please refer to the posting and BCTF Members Guide for more details.

CASJ is the largest BCTF Committee, with 28 members from across the province with different lived experiences. While impactful, Social Justice work can often be challenging, especially in collaboration and reaching group consensus. As a committee, we work to move all Social Justice forward, often in tandem with other BCTF Committees.

Describe some strategies you use to effectively work in a TEAM SETTING, including how you work with individuals who are very passionate about their social justice work while ensuring equity within the committee in lifting all of us.

List any other participation or BCTF committee-related experience to the Committee for Action on Social Justice.

REFERENCES Submit the names of two BCTF members who will serve as your references (BCTF Staff are not members).



Contact information:




Contact information:


NOTE: All applicants will be informed of the decision concerning their application after the August BCTF Executive Committee meeting.